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Cosplay Runway

Cosplay Runway



Saturday April 22

11:00 am

Animation Kahoot - 225 Williams Hall
A trivia kahoot on all thing animation including cartoons, movies, anime, and more.


11:20 am

Keynote Address - Klingenstein Lounge
Ed Catto kicks off ITHACON 46!


11:30 am

Reinventing Characters with Mike Gold - Klingenstein Lounge
Dive into the history of DC Comics with one of its most well-known writers Mike Gold. This discussion will look at his time reinventing the characters Green Arrow, Hawkman, and The Question along with broader topics about the industry and activism within it.

12:00 pm

The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Panel - Clark Lounge
Thirty years ago, the entire nation paid attention to comics and to the Death of Superman. What started out as a joke, or a stunt, during an annual creators' retreat turned into one of the most memorable stories ever published by DC Comics. Featuring Roger Stern and Glenn Whitmore, two creators who were there.

1:00 pm

Cosplay Runway - Emerson Suites
A fun, non-competitive showcase of any cosplayers at the convention that want to participate! There will be a sign-up sheet where you can put your preferred name, character name, and anything else you would like to add. Then, at the allotted time, you’ll be lined up and allowed to strut your stuff down the carpet with everyone having a chance to take their best pictures!

1:30 pm

A Pictopia to Call One's Own: Universes, Avatars, and Faking the 1963 Annual! - Clark Lounge
Since the dawn of superheroes, characters have collided in shared universes, to the delight of fans and profit of publishers everywhere. Since the 1990s, comics creators have deconstructed the "universe" idea with works like In Pictopia, Watchmen, 1963, Big Bang, Astro City, Bizarre Heroes, and more. Don Simpson, creator of Megaton Man, discusses his involvement in many of those experiments, as well as his forthcoming X-Amount of Comics: 1963 (WhenElse?!) Annual — the unauthorized completion of a legendary unfinished universe thirty (sixty?) years after the fact!

2:00 pm

How Not to Succeed in Comics - Klingenstein Lounge
You’ve been to the “How to Make It in Comics” panel a million times... finally, a panel on how NOT to make it! Former Vertigo Editor Will Dennis leads a no-holds-barred discussion on topics like career mismanagement, social media gaffes, financial snafus, and more! Come join the fun as Will and industry pros Jamal Igle and Steve Ellis lift the lid on all the MISTAKES they’ve made (and see others making)!

How Are CNY Schools and Libraries Using Graphic Novels & Comics To Develop Literacy and Better Human Beings? - Ithaca Falls Room
What role do comics have in growing readers, both young and old? If you were going to introduce someone to reading for the first time, what comic would you give them? Join Ithaca-based educator Mike Reiff and Penn Yan-based librarian Alex Andrasik for an interactive panel on the development of literary programming around the usage of graphic novels, comics, and other sequential art. Learn about recent and ongoing programming, classes, and thinking around how we can all use graphic novels to grow as readers, and help those that matter to us most read too.

Pippi to Ripley Keynote Speaker Michelle Ann Abate - Textor 102
Pippi to Ripley is a unique academic conference bringing together the work of scholars, graduate students, librarians, high school teachers and undergraduates. It features scholarship on gender and/or sexuality in popular culture from all countries and time periods, including children’s literature, comics, science fiction, fairytales, music, gaming, films, television, and social media.

ITHACON members are invited to attend this year's keynote address, "Funny Girls: The Forgotten History of Feisty Young Female Characters in Classic American Comics" by Professor Michelle Ann Abate, Onio State University, a respected scholar in the fields of children's literature, comics, and queer studies. She is the author of six books, and the co-editor of four more. Among her recent titles are No Kids Allowed: Children's Literature for Adults (Johns Hopkins University, 2020); Funny Girls: Guffaws, Guts, and Gender in Classic American Comics (University Press of Mississippi, 2019), and The Big Smallness: Niche Marketing, the American Culture Wars, and the New Children's Literature (Routledge, 2016).

Cosplay Figure Drawing - North Foyer
until 4:00
Join us for a unique figure drawing session using live models in their cosplay! No art experience is required, just stop by for some fun at this all-ages event! Some art supplies are supplied, but feel free to bring your own.

2:30 pm

AHOY! Comics and the Meaning of Life - Clark Lounge
AHOY Comics founders Tom Peyer, Stuart Moore, Frank Cammuso and Hart Seely discuss the rise and fall of civilization, at least in the pages of funny books.


Translating Comics to Other Media: What Works and What Doesn’t - Klingenstein Lounge
with Bob Harrison, columnist and Head Comic Reviewer at Pop Culture Squad
Comic stories and characters have been making their appearance in other media (film, TV, radio, and stage) for decades. It is becoming even more prevalent. Join Bob Harrison as he dives into some current examples of what makes a good adaptation and what should be avoided.

3:30 pm

A Wave Blue World: Building a Small Press Publishing Company from the Ground Up - Clark Lounge
Join A Wave Blue World’s Co-Publisher Tyler Chin-Tanner and Production Designer Pete Carlsson for a deep dive into the real-world entrepreneurial adventures of a launching and running a new publishing start-up. Plus: get an exclusive sneak peek into upcoming A Wave Blue World Titles!

4:00 pm

From the Southern Tier to the Fifth Dimension: How Upstate New York Helped to Create The Twilight Zone - Klingenstein Lounge
Nicholas Parisi, author of Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination, discusses the deep ties between upstate New York and The Twilight Zone’s creator, who was born in Syracuse, grew up in Binghamton, and taught at Ithaca College for more than a decade.

4:30 pm

Digital vs. Physical: Comics and Consumerism - Clark Lounge
with Dr. Matt Graham and Dr. Rusty Strough of U. Maine
The way that people consume media has changed, from reading a physical newspaper to checking the latest stories on your phone. For the comic book industry, however, the collectibility of the physical object has been a major source of consumerism for many years. In our research, we look at the digitization of comics and collectibility. In this panel, we're going to ask one simple question: do you redeem the digital comic code from your Marvel comics? In answering this question, we're going to talk about trends in the comic book industry as it relates to digital vs. physical comics. We'll be talking about personality and psychological determinants of preference and how comic publishers can increase readership.

5:00 pm

ARKHAMITES: A Fan-made Batman Musical - IC Square Stage (1st floor)
Spend a night with Gotham's worst! Brought to you by Sam Wurdemann and Olivia Celenza.

Sunday April 23

11:00 am

Ithaqa Comic: Reinventing Lovecraftian Horror - Klingenstein Lounge
Join Michael Watson, the creator of Upstate New York's most prominent indie comic ITHAQA to discuss reinventing one of the oldest genres of sci-fi and horror.

Darth Bane as a Christ Figure - Taughannock Falls Room (3rd floor)
with Syracuse University professor Chris Wildrick
Ancient Sith Lord Darth Bane is Star Wars’ version of a Christ figure. Bane marks the split between before and after the Sith Lords, like how Jesus falls between the Old and the New Testaments. Fighting against the Pharisees of his time, Bane paved the way for his descendants to bring about the second coming of the Sith. Bane fits the Sith prophecy of the savior, known as the Sith’ari.

11:30 am

Colors, Creativity, and Comics - Clark Lounge
Join veteran colorist Glenn Whitmore pulls back the curtain on the secrets of putting red into the comics! Also, the First Annual ITHACON Coloring Contest finalists will be reviewed, and a winner selected.

12:00 pm

The Creation of Molly Danger with Jamal Igle - Klingenstein Lounge
Moderated by Bob Harrison
Molly Danger is the story of the world’s most powerful 10-year-old girl. A seemingly immortal, superstrong hero, Molly has protected the city of Coopersville for the last 20 years. Join penciler, artist, and recipient of the 2011 Inkpot Award for outstanding achievement in Comic Art Jamal Igle to talk about the creation of his comic Molly Danger.

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Cosplay Runway - Emerson Suites

1:30 pm

Journey to YOUR Story - Clark Lounge
Join USA Today bestselling authors Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers to discuss storytelling fundamentals, different publishing outlets, and more on the craft of writing & storytelling.

2:00 pm

Behind the Mic: Podcasting Q&A - Klingenstein Lounge
A Q&A session with podcasters from hobbyists and students to start-ups and professionals. Panelists include Jonathan Chalmers of Legends Podcast, Bob Harrison of Pop Culture Squad, The Painted Frog Media team, Daniel Coolbaugh, and VIC Radio’s Joshua Pantano and Emily Barken.

Anime Screening - 225 Williams Hall
Viewing of Howl's Moving Castle
(until 4 pm)

2:30 pm

Take Your Stinking Paws Off Me: A Fresh Look at Planet of the Apes - Clark Lounge To an entire generation of fans, Planet of The Apes “started” when the first movie debuted on network TV in September 1973. The world was never the same again. But if Rod Serling had stayed involved it could have been entirely different. Join Gemstone Publishing president J.C.Vaughn and Rod Serling expert Nick Parisi in an engaging look back at a classic.

3:00 pm

Q&A with Arkhamites!: A Fan-made Batman Musical - Klingenstein Lounge
Come let us know what you think about Gotham’s worst! A post-performance Arkhamites Q&A panel with the co-creators and cast, taking you behind the scenes on what it’s like bringing larger-than-life ideas to the stage



We Believe Every Client Is a Valuable Long-Term Partner


Calling all gamers! Attend ITHACON and meet us in Williams Hall to participate in all things gaming. With the purchase of an ITHACON membership, you will have access to free play areas for leisurely gaming, three gaming tournaments, and designated rooms for board games. Tournament games include Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Pac-Man. Show off your skills and have a chance to win cash and merchandise prizes! All gaming participants receive a gaming Swag Bag.

Saturday April 22

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pac-Man Tournament - Williams 211
Signup Required
Sign up

Video Games Free Play - Williams 218 & 317

Board Games Free Play - Williams 219 & 224

Retro Gaming - Williams 221

12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Mario Kart Tournament - Williams 225
Signup Required
Sign up

Sunday April 23

11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Smash Bros. Tournament - Williams 317
Signup Required
Sign up
Smash Bros. Tournament Rules

Video Games Free Play - Williams 218

Board Games Free Play - Williams 219 & 224

Retro Gaming - Williams 221



Cosplay Repair Station
Did a seam rip? Would duct tape save you if you only had some? Is your wig too heavy for the number of bobby pins you brought? Did you get a papercut but you absolutely CANNOT get blood anywhere on your costume? There will be a booth set up where we will attempt to provide all the quick fixes so that a cosplay malfunction doesn't ruin your con experience!

Cosplay Runway
Both Saturday and Sunday, 1:00 pm
Emerson Suites
A fun, non-competitive showcase of any cosplayers at the convention that want to participate! There will be a sign-up sheet at the cosplay repair station where you can put your preferred name, character name, and anything else you would like to add. Then, at the allotted time, you'll be lined up and allowed to strut your stuff down the carpet with everyone having a chance to take their best pictures!


Cosplay Consent Policy: 

We take the safety of our guests incredibly seriously at ITHACON, and we would like to emphasize that cosplay does not mean consent. We will not tolerate anybody being touched or harassed, especially as a result of their cosplay. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, please report it to any staff member of ITHACON, who will relay the offense to campus security. Anyone who commits an offense will be removed from the convention.

Weapons Disclaimer: 

While we understand that many characters carry weapons that are central to their costumes, this is still a college campus and so we beg you to follow our rules. We request that you only display your weapons in the spaces designated as part of ITHACON. No real weapons will be allowed in the convention whatsoever. That being said, fake guns will be allowed as long as they have a clear, orange tip to signify that they are not real. All weapons must be empty; please check to make sure chambers do not contain projectiles (beebees, pellets, etc.). Prop swords, scythes, clubs, etc. must be blunted with a kind of foam as to ensure that they cannot cause any harm. If you are asked by someone working at the convention or public safety to give up your weapon, you MUST COMPLY.. Your weapon will be returned to you when you leave the convention.


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