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From 2014-2019, Ithaca College funded ITHACON very generously in addition to providing the event space. In 2019, we were informed that funding would be phased out beginning in 2020, so we planned to charge $10. in 2020 and ramp up from there. With the current economic situation for all colleges whose budgets are driven by enrollment rather than endowments, we’re on our own.

Expenses have jumped in recent years; hotel room rates are about 1/3 higher than in 2020, for one example. Other conventions are charging much more, and we are including the service charges and taxes in the ticket prices rather than having them added on. Overall, ITHACON remains a bargain.

Consider that at our first two-day convention in 1977, we had four comic book guests and two local artists. Membership was $3.00. Using the Consumer Price Index, that is equivalent to about $16.00 today, when we expect 30 or more guests.


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